In search of a perfect body. My story of battling “the extra kilogramams”.


Hello to all readers! My name is Karen and I’m a fashion blogger. Today I’d like to share my story about dealing with the extra kilograms. I didn’t even notice when I gained 7kg in a year. All my life, I never had any problems with my weight and I didn’t even pay much attention to it. The problems started early this year when I was trying on my outfits before going out to a party. I had a hard time fitting in them, and I actually had to give up on some of them altogether. The greatest national level fashion fair was just around the corner, and I was supposed to be there and look stunning. I made it my goal that I would be wearing my favorite dress which I actually wasn’t able to put on at the moment. I had a strong motivation, then, to get rid of the extra kilograms within a month and a half.

For the first half a month I exercised intensively and stuck to the diet prepared by a dietitian. Unfortunately there was no visible results, I only lost a kilogram. There was only a month left until the big event, I had to find some other solution. I searched the Internet thoroughly, to find some effective way to help me get rid of those extra kilograms. Following all the positive reviews, I chose the Amlan Forte pills. I ordered a big package that contained 30 pills, which was enough for a month of treatment.


A lady at the help line answered all of my questions and next day a delivery arrived at my door. I started my Amlan Forte treatment.

I made it my goal to lose 7 kilograms within a month and look great in my favorite dress.

After just 2-3 days of taking the pills I noticed a difference. I felt much less sluggish, and I also think that Amlan Forte actually lowered my appetite. I first stepped on the scale after a week of treatment and I was surprised, I had lost almost 3 kilograms! It was a sign that I was getting closer to reaching my goal.

After another week with Amlan Forte, I gained more vitality. As I watched the scale, the weight just kept dropping. I was so happy!

Finally I managed to lose 8 kilograms, which is a great result for one month! On top of taking the pills, I also became more active by taking long walks and light jogs.

The day of the great fair arrived. When trying on my outfit I knew I had never looked better in it. It looked great on me, and I was all happy and full of energy. My feelings were confirmed by other guests at the fair. Plenty of people noticed my great shape and beautiful outfit. I had never heard this many compliments before!




To sum it up, you can see that my experience using Amlan was very positive. In my case the product worked one hundred percent. I can easily speak from experience that the product doesn’t cause any side effects and is completely safe for our health. The amalaki extract that makes the main component of the pills can really work miracles. The most important thing about it is that after finishing the weigh loss treatment you don’t return to your old weight. No yo-yo effect! Even when you quit the pills you will still feel that your metabolism is faster and you won’t feel like snacking all the time.

I hope that you will also lose few kilograms with Amlan Forte and feel more confident, healthier and will forget about your weight-related insecurities. I’m wishing you all luck in getting your dream body too.


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