Testing the new ASUS ZenFone 3 phone.


It looks like the most popular articles among our readers are the ones on broadly defined electronics. Today we’ll publish mrs. Rosaline’s experience related to using the ASUS’ new phone, which is the ZenFone 3 model. Can our reader call herself a lucky owner? Let’s read her review.

Hello my name is Rosaline. I’m into new technologies. I found news online that the Asus company was introducing their own phones. They may not be a famous brand on the mobile phone market, but I think that’s exactly what makes such news the most interesting. I thought it would be a great opportunity to replace my old phone. My choice was Asus ZenFone 3 with a 5,2 inch screen.

Before the purchase I read the technical specification. The phone seemed really promising. Despite its price of 450 euro p not being exactly low, I decided I had to have that phone. I ordered it online and then waited for the delivery man to arrive.

Asus ZenFone 3 – First impression

Few days later I had a young delivery boy knock at my door. I said thank you for the delivery and then checked out if the phone was fine. It looked really nice, better than I expected. I especially liked the silver, shiny chamfered edges which gave the phone a touch of uniqueness. I said goodbye to the delivery boy and began checking out the phone. Asus ZenFone 3 really felt comfortable in my hand. That’s pretty important if you use a phone a lot.

Besides the previously mentioned chamfered edges, the phone had three classic system buttons at the bottom of the screen. The buttons that regulate the volume and lock the screen were in the same place as in many other standard smartphones. It was their advantage that they gave a noticable resistance when pushed, which let me be sure that a button responded. The headphone jack was on the top and that was a very good move on the creators’ part, because such approach might be a remedy for quickly damaging headphones. Unfortunately, the fingerprint reader was placed below the camera. I think that connecting it with one of the buttons would be a better approach.

Usability test of ZenFone 3

I decided not to wait any longer and start testing its functionality. After removing the back cover I felt a little disappointed. Asus ZenFone 3 can either use two Sim card or a Sim card and an SD memory card at the same time. That’s not the best approach but in the end I guess I could live with that, because the built-in 64 GB of memory sort of makes up for it.
So I put the SIM card in and started checking how my new purchase worked.

The phone turned on pretty smoothly. Unfortunately, the first thing that caught my eyes once it was on was a lot of pre-installed memory consuming applications and plenty of notifications popping up that informed me about available updates to the OS installed on my device. After removing the unwanted software from my Asus ZenFone 3 I began further tests. A neat thing is the built-in software search feature which can be brought up by sliding a finder down on the home screen. Other merits of the software are also quick access to the settings and one hand operating mode.

Pros and cons

I often pay with a phone which is why having NFC in my phone is very important to me. Unfortunately Asus ZenFone 3 doesn’t have such feature. The specification I had found earlier  didn’t really mention it. What it did mention was a really good speaker with connected amplifier. To tell you the truth, it was overrated. The sound quality wasn’t much different from what I could get from my old phone.

What did amaze me was the display. At the first glance it may have looked pretty standard, but when you go outside on a sunny day it’s bright enough to let you perfectly browse everything you want on your Asus ZenFone3.

I was already quite a few hours into my fun with the phone. The battery level was still around 50 %. The battery may not be of a high capacity but it lasts for pretty long. The time came to check out the photo and video camera. 16 MP mentioned by the manufacturer and Ultra HD video recording were really promising. Indeed, the quality of the pictures taken and the videos recorder was great, and the camera’s speed left nothing to complain about. Another thing that caught my attention was the Asus ZenFone 3 camera software. It was very complex, with a multitude of functions. After all that fooling around and testing the phone, which had already lasted for about five hours I got a warning about a low battery. I plugged it in and discovered another nice thing about this device. The battery charges very fast which is definitely an advantage.

The summary – My opinion on ASUS ZenFone 3

I can clearly say that I’m happy about my purchase of an Asus ZenFone 3. Its unquestionable advantages are convenience, the operational speed and a very good photo/video camera. For that kind of price it would be hard to find a device this good in its league. Another advantage of this device is also its optimized components which can be seen by how fast it responds to the user’s actions. The games can also quickly adjust to the processing power by selecting a matching video quality. The battery life and quick charging are also a very positive aspect of this smartphone. Unfortunately, this phone also has a lot of downsides. The biggest one is the lack of NFC which makes phone payments impossible. Another tiny disadvantage of Asus ZenFone 3 is also having to choose between a second SIM card and a micro-SD memory card.
If you’re looking for a phone that is durable, stylish and with a good camera then you should definitely consider purchasing Asus ZenFone 3.

Based on the letter from mrs. Rosaline, it can be said that she’s very satisfied with her purchase and could be easily called a lucky owner of an ASUS ZenFone 3.



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