Black Mask – The first encounter


I always thought that I’m pretty familiar with cosmetics and that I always used the best ones for my skin. Until one day I realized I had missed something. „Why didn’t I find it earlier?” – I thought. Black Mask – have you heard about it?? Because I only stumbled upon it about half a year ago. The way it works – perfect for the skin on my face.

I’ve found information that Black Mask:
– rids the face of imperfections and toxins,
– removes comedos and their causes,
– eliminates pimples and prevents them from showing up again,
– normalizes the working of sebaceous glands,
– improves the looks and elasticity of skin.

But that’s not everything that got me to try out this mask. What attracted me the most about it was its natural ingredients, without any harmful chemical substances. It is very important to me because my skin is pretty sensitive and I don’t like to feed it chemicals. First of all – it might result in an allergy, second of all – chemical substances, when used over a long period of time, might actually make the skin look even worse.

Black Mask – Experience with an original mask

Even the packaging of Black Mask on the manufacturer’s main page was different from the Chinese knock-off. The consistency was completely different from that of the last one, putting it on caused no problems. Right after it dried I started removing the black mask from my face. It was a little painful too, but it was actually something I could take. Right after the first use most of the black dots in the problematic areas (nose, forehead and chin in my case) were almost completely gone. Now that I get this treatment once a week I have a clear skin, without the much unwanted blackheads. On top of that, I noticed that the overall condition of my skin got better. After using the original black mask I no longer have blemishes!


My photo right before and right after putting on an original mask:


My skin is pretty weird, because the areas around the nose – that’s oily skin, meanwhile the rest (forehead, chin, cheeks) are very dry. I feel like after using Black Mask regularly the skin on my face became normal. I think that even the coloration of my face got more even. I never would have thought that such an unassuming little mask could replacy so many other (pretty expensive) of my products. You know what, it’s actually much better!


Black Mask – The opinion

I’m glad that I followed my friend’s advice and took a chance one more time with the original Black Mask. That was the best choice. When we take proper care of our skin, it pays us back with great looks. With Black Mask I no longer fear blackheads or comedos. Girls, I really recommend you try Black Mask. Once you give it a shot and see those phenomenal results, you will rememeber to always use black masks.

Mrs. Martha from Chicago also sent us info on the website she ordered an original Black Mask mask from. By clicking the link below you’ll get to the website of the product’s manufacturer.

Black Mask – Order an original black mask that works

Did this mask work for you? Maybe your experience is different from mrs. Martha’s? Share your opinions on Black Mask in the comments. We’re also waiting for your stories, which you can send at our e-mail address: [email protected]



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