Chocolate Slim – Results of a treatment, experience and opinion


The latest hit on the Internet among the weight loss products is the “Chocolate Slim” weight loss shake. Our reader, mrs. Alyson, wanted to share her experience and review related to using this product with you all. Below we include the text we received in an e-mail:

Hello to all users of My name is Alyson, I’m 25 years old and I’m currently studying medicine in Berlin. I’d like to share with you my experience related to using the Chocolate Slim product. It’s chocolate that’s supposed to help us get rid of extra kilograms. In my case it was quite a lot of them. I calculated my BMI and it turned out that to reach the optimal level, I needed to lose 15 kilograms.

I spent a lot of time online searching for products that would help me achieve that. In the past I had tried losing weigh with pills twice (I don’t remember what they were called). Then it turned out that I didn’t lose even a kilogram. Due to my pursued degree I spend a lot of time studying and live a sedentary lifestyle with no time for physical activity. Meals are pretty disordered too, I don’t eat regularly. On one of the message boards girls were showing their transformations after a Chocolate Slim treatment. It left me really impressed and looked really convincing – I decided to order this magic chocolate, you can read about my results of using it below.

Order and delivery

I ordered Chocolate slim right after the new year. The only place to buy it is the manufacturer’s website. While I did see this product on one of the online auction websites, I decided that when it comes to products that can affect our health it’s better to order it straight from the manufacturer. After making a purchase I was called by a consultant, we talked for a while and she answered all my questions, the customer service really is top level! I got the package the second day after placing the order – that’s a great result!

Interesting ingredients

I decided to show you the ingredients of the product, because they really look interesting:

Goji Berries – antioxidant that prevents creating new fat cells
Acai Berries – prevent fat storage, acting as a natural fat burner
Chia Seeds – provide extra energy and make sure that fat doesn’t store in large amounts
Green Coffee Beans – extra stores of strength, suppress appetite
Reishi mushroom extract – boosts metabolism
Natural cocoa – Gives our drink a great taste, helps our immune system and prevents sweet tooth.


Results of a Chocolate Slim treatment – Week by week

As I mentioned before, I started my Cholate Slim treatment right after the New Year – as a new year resolution. My goal was to lose 15 kilograms. I would keep records, weight myself every day and now I’ll show you how it looked:

1st week – I noticed the first drop in weight after 3 days of use, I weighted 2 kilograms less, I also felt a large influx of energy. After 7 days the scale showed 4 kilograms less – that’s a great prognostic. I haven’t changed many habits in my daily life, I just added half-hour walks.
2nd week – This period was the time of the biggest changes. Chocolate slim caused my pants to start dropping off my butt. My blouses got looser too. At the end of the week the scale showed -9kg compared to the beginning of the treatment.
3rd week – Noticable changes on the face, I wasn’t so chubby anymore. On top of that, cellulite on my butt got significantly smaller. My result? -12.5kg.
4th week – The fourth week of drinking the weight loss chocolate didn’t bring results as great as before, still, I observed another 3kg lost. My friends couldn’t believe that you could lose extra weight in a way that’s healthy and safe for our body so fast.

To sum it up, within 4 weeks, 30 days to be exact, I managed to lose 15.5kg! Without any drastic changes to my daily life. I ate all the same things as usual, the extra evening walks were the only thing I hadn’t done before.

perfect figure for the new year? -It is possible with O!Slim

Chocolate Slim – My opinion

I’m glad that I found that message board where they recommended chocolate slim. This chocolare really did change my life. Finally I have the weight I always wanted! I feel much lighter, I have more strength and life energy. It’s been 2 months since the end of the treatment and there’s no yo-yo effect, my weight is still the same as after finishing my chocolate slim adventure. It doesn’t happen often when such drastic change of weight doesn’t come with any side effects, including the yo-yo effect. I was kind of worried of that, but it looks like I had no reason to.

They say that chocolate is a woman’s best friend, in that case it got a new meaning.

I’m a completely happy person and everyone congratulates me on my results in battling extra kilograms. My answer to the question about how I got there is simple – Chocolate Slim. I hope that my story will get to as many people as possible and those who want to get rid of unwanted kilograms will start their battle with chocolate slim and achieve great results just like I have. I never would have thought that chocolate can help you lose weight and so much of it too! I’m pretty sure that at this moment you won’t find a better weight loss product.

I’ll wrap it up by showing you pros and cons of using this product:

– Works fast– Replacing all those clothes
– No side effects or the yo-yo effect– A single distribution channel
– Tastes delicious– The price
– Suppresses appetite– Smaller breasts



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