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What is a “Cookie” file?

Cookies are single, small text files, sent by visited web sites, and downloaded on a user’s computer. The information contained in these files allows you to read the information contained therein only by the website that created it. The same website can not access other files on your computer.

Why does website use cookies?

Cookies used on the website allow for proper personalization of the information displayed on site and presentation. They are used to tailor content to the user’s  needs. Cookies are used to access the site. The operator uses these files to:

  1. a) the ability to log in and maintain a user session on every page of the site,
  2. b) adjust the content of the website to individual preferences of the users. Cookies files recognize device of the user in order to display his page according to his preferences,

c)to create anonymous statistics excluding the ability to identify the user.

  1. d) monitoring user’s traffic on the website.

 What are the types of cookies files used by

Two types of cookies may be used by

  • Session cookies – stay on the user’s device until user leaves the website or turn off the software (web browser),
  • Fixed cookies – stays on the user’s device for the time specified in the parameters of the file or until they are manually removed by the user.

Can I disable cookies files?

Cookies are stored by web browsers and are not visible to the user. Most browsers use cookies by default. Nevertheless, the user has right  to set up a browser and  they can find requests for cookies in general or selected cookies. This is possible by changing the settings in your browser. However, before you decide to change settings of your web browser, bear in mind that accepting cookies files increase the comfort of using the website. Disabling cookies files may affect the way website’s content displays in your browser.

How to disable cookies files?

In web browsers (eg Mozilla Firefox, Chrome) there are many ways to control the cookies files that are stored on your computer. You may block or allow storage of cookies files. You can also choose specific websites from which cookies will be accepted.

Users of the service may change cookies settings at any time. For detailed information about how cookies are managed and how are they managaed, see the software settings of your browser. Here you have sample of editing options available in popular browsers:

– Mozilla Firefox:

– Internet Explorer:

– Google Chrome:

– Safari:

The operator of the website openly informs that changing the settings in the web browser may highly affect the proper display of the content on the website.