Dyson DC52 – How it works? Is it worth of buying?


Today’s article should interest each lady of the house. Under a microscope we take vacuum Dyson DC52. Is the brand still holding a high level and this specific model is worth our attention? Let’s read experiences with Dyson DC52 described by Emily. Hi, I am Emily. Every day I deal with housekeeping. My husband earns well and my task is to care about tidiness and bringing up the children. For some time now I have even more problems with my spine. I had even bigger problems with vacuuming. Far from mobile device is uncomfortable, I needed to gently bend over so then I could use it. I had problems with health so my husband decided to buy me vacuum advertised as Lamborghini among hoovers – Dyson DC552. I would like to share with you by my experiences about this device.

 Dyson DC52 Purchase

 Together with my husband David we went to the shop to buy dreamed hoover from DYSON. Unfortunately it is not a publicly available device so we have spend really a lot of time until we have found the shop. Unfortunately our searchings were ineffective. We couldn’t buy it in any local shops. What’s worse the sellers refused to make an order. We decided to buy the hoover on the internet. That’s excatly what we did. . The choice was DYSON DC52. The vacuum was ordered and I was looking forward tog et my gift.

After a 4 days appeared at my door young man – courier. With smile on his face he welcomed me and handed me package. I said kindly goodbye to him. When I closed the door I decided to not waiting longer and immediately I started to unpack my new vacuum.

 DYSON DC52 First Impressions

 After unpacking I saw hoover, different than the others. It looked like those devices from Si-Fi movies for destroying ?. I will be destroying dirt – I thought. In the package I didn’t find bag and filters which I needed to insert. I thought that they forgot to send it. I wanted to make a complaint but my husband just came back from work and I didn’t do that. He said that before I will do serious confusion I should read operation instructions. He was fully right. It turned out that it was not a problem.

 It is time to start tests on DYSON DC52

 When I knew that everything is alright I needed to test it. I was madly curious how it will check in house on floors with various pavements. I connected it and started to vacuuming. At the same beginning DYSON DC52 amazed me but unfortunately – negative. The device was even louder than my previous hoover. In fact it has really a lot of power but because of its loudness my ears were in pain. Another matter, the product generally was very handy and pleasant. I was surprised of its effectiveness because all rubbish were disappearing immediately, in a blink of an eye although the power does not make a big impression at anyone.

 Then lately I checked out that it has 54 cyclones which have twitching and vibrating ends with high frequency. It prevents clogged holes in cyclones. They are so far efficient in impurities separating that you don’t need any maintenance of filters – that means lack of lost suction power. It is not the only part which provided such perfect vacuuming. The next was turbo brush with the nylon fibers which were helping in removing deeply set dirt in carpets. The nylon fiber helps also to gather the dust from hard, wooden floors. You don’t need any other element when you are going from one side to a second side. Another advantage of brush is its twisting in each direction. That is definitely more easier in vacuuming in hard-to-reach places. Although I was cleaning regularly, it turned out that all carpets were very dirty. After vacuuming with DYSON DC52 they became more natural.

Cleaning after vacuuming

 After the end of vacuuming I started to wondering in which way the container with rubbish is being emptied. There’s again with help became my husband and user manual. It turned out that after removal of the container it is enough to press the button and it will be ready. That solution we need to recognize as a big advantage. There is no fear that in the moment of emptying, dust being in the container will get us dirty. The container may not be from thick plastic but no one will sit on it or throw up.

 My opinion about Dyson DC52

 After a few weeks of testing that device I can claim that it is a great product. The company place on the market even new types of products including mobile devices what about I always think very carefully now. Generally, the product has a lot of advantages. Its suction power although the given power is not so surprising – knock people down. Rubbish disappear in a blink of an eye and rotating brush helps in cleaning and problems with changes carpet’s surface on hard – these days are long gone.

 The last specific advantage which had a key meaning for me is easiness in emptying the rubbish container which is very  capacious. Additional ends in set are not being used often but in some situations they may be useful. The only objection for DYSON DC52 is loudness of device. My dog was scared when I started vacuuming. I got a timers and thanks to that the sound was less burdensome. Despite of that one inconvenience and quite moderate price I can recommend that hoover to everyone for who the cleaning and design is dreamed combination. For me the hoover helped me a lot in cumbersome activity which was vacuuming. All became significantly easier and simple.

I recommend the device DYSON DC52 to all ladies and gentlemen of house. It is great solution for people who have animals because their coat will be removed in a fast way from carpets and other surfaces. The construction of the hoover without a doubt supports using. By buying it we are getting rid of costs related with bags and filters which clog up instantaneously in other devices what cause decrease in suction power. Additionally easy way we can get rid of vacuumed rubbish allow us vacuuming without changing new clothes for worse one.



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