Fly Bra saved my wedding and working life – story of Patricia



We received next story to our editorial department. This time our hero is Mrs Patricia . She saved her wedding and working life by Fly Bra – anatomical and strongly holding breast, self-supported Fly Bra which is perfect for clothes with neckline and uncovered back. That was her wedding creation and outfit for professional meeting.

 Much of problems – one solution ?

 Professionally engaged in the sale of wedding dresses. I know how important is the appearance of the bride is. Every day I meet many women who are facing with the choice of wedding dress and appropriate underwear and in particular the bra which would be comfortable and invisible at the same time. We all want one solution to many problems. Personally I love to wear dresses with uncovered back. I also chose that one on the wedding ceremony. While choosing a dress it turned out that this bra is a problem that affects on the general appearance of my figure. That day I wanted to look perfect and I decided to find an effective solution to save my marriage.

 Fly Bra —  innovative underwear saved my dreamed creation

 I don’t hide that it was thanks to Fly Bra I got back the chance to save my dream creation. I admit that I was broken. My friend saw me suffering from the appearance of my bust in my wedding dress so she just suggested me Fly Bra. I have no doubt that Fly Bra is the perfect solution for wedding dresses as well as everyday. It’s incredible but thanks to this product I regained my humor and faith in that my appearance can still be saved. Thanks to Fly Bra my wedding was wonderful, and each dress will look better and provide comfort. Now I see the great comfort during wearing Fly Bra. I dont’ know how I could wear bras with tapes and all kinds of braces. I know it sounds ridiculous, but Fly Bra makes a difference. When I started to wear it I forgot about the straps and hard bunks. The shoe is made of silicone and what is the most importantly – it does not cause allergic reactions. 

Now I can wear what I want and with that I have the full comfort of wearing my favorite clothes. My bust size has increased, and it’s all thanks to my underwear! 

Using Fly Bra is child’s play

Using of Fly Bra is chil’d play. You just need to put the Fly Bra on clean, washed skin and take off foil from bra cups and then place on both breasts and connect with buckle. It is a product of multiple usage. After usage it is enough to wash by warm water with soap, dry it and then put the protective foil on it to prevent dry-off. My wedding history can be a good example confirming the acting of this product.

Fly Bra —  special bra saved my working life

  Fly Bra is a special bra which saved my working life. Recently I had to change my clothes fast because it is required from me in my work. I didn’t have my own idea about what to wear. I thought about bra without straps and immediately I reminded myself that I have FlyBra. There was 30 minutes to meeting. I started to looking for fast solution which would allow for my convenience during meeting. I could not imagine myself to getting tired in classical bra with whalebone.

I know how comfortable Fly Bra is and why I liked so much convenience which that amazing invention gives for me. It perfectly holdin breasts what is important, especially in case when person live active lifestyle. In this case I can hide it into my purse.


Fly Bra is universal and now I know that in every situation I can count on it. Thanks to Fly Bra during meeting I felt maximally comfortable and I wasn’t stressed that because of uncomfortable I could present wrongly on the meeting. I focused on that what I neede to say but not on discomfort. The big advantage of Fly Bra is fast in putting on. With Fly Bra I don’t need much time to look good and feel comfortable. I can definitely recommend usage of Fly Bra to every woman who doesn’t like discomfort in important days of her life.

Publication information

Thank you for all interesting stories. We are glad that the product satisfied Mrs Patricia  and below we enclose link to buy the product directly from manufacturer. We encourage you to send your stories with Fly Bra in the main role. We look forward on all mails. We encourage also to discuss below the text.

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