The story of Matthew’s battle against foot mycosis with Fresh Fingers


Today we will show you the story of Mathew, who tells us how he managed to get rid of foot mycosis. If you’re curious how Mathew dealt with this annoying and embarassing problem you should definitely read his message.

Hello to all readers, I’d like to tell you my story and also to warn you. I hope I won’t make you bored and you’ll make it  to the end of my text.
First let me introduce myself. I’m Mathew, I’m 29 years old and I’m from Edinburgh. Back when I was younger I used to play football and I still have some fondness towards sports to this day. I live a healthy lifestyle, swimming, gym, cycling. But that’s not what this is about, although I did want to make some reference to it. My story is about foot mycosis and about how Fresh Fingers helped me beat it, so let’s get to the point.

Why are my feet itchy?

About 3 months ago I lost my flip-flops at the gym, I only realized it when I was going for a workout, I thought that it wouldn’t hurt if I went without them just this once. I took a shower without them and the next day I made the same mistake going to the swimming pool, I just sort of didn’t have time to buy new ones and that’s how my nightmare began.
After few days my feet started itching a little, I thought I must have chafed them or something, but the itching kept getting worse every day. I had no idea why. I started thinking more about it when I got those red spots. But despite all that, I still ignored it. I was convinced that it was because after buying the new flip-flops I also bought new gym shoes and I just blamed it on that, with feet getting less air or legs not being quite used to the shoes yet. When it started looking really bad and the itching was getting even more annoying, I started looking for an explanation of my problems on the Internet. It became clear I had mycosis. As I read further, it dawned on me and I put two and two together, it was the pool or the gym where I must have gotten it. That’s why I’d like to take a moment here to warn everyone. ALWAYS WEAR FLIP-FLOPS AT A GYM, A SWIMMING POOL OR ANY PUBLIC PLACE!

Battling the mycosis – home remedies

After I learned that I had mycosis I started a long fight against it. Of course I didn’t turn to quick fixes right away. Stupid me, decided to deal with this with home remedies I learned about online. I went through herbal baths and soaking my feet, then white vinegar, baking soda and so it went for the next 2 weeks. Unfortunately, it only got worse with time. After few days of using such methods, my skin sort of started peeling off. At first I thought it was working, that it would peel off and I’d be fine… but it only got even worse, much worse… It burned like hell, so I finally visited a specialist. He prescribed me some ointment, I bought it right away and started applying it. Aside from the skin being more moisturized and peeling less, I noticed no difference. After few days I came back and told that there was no improvement. The doctor prescribed me another ointment, which of course didn’t help either.

Looking further for something that works

Already annoyed, I took matters into my own hands again and this time I finally made the right decision. I searched the Internet, websites, message boards, blogs trying to finally find something that actually works. I didn’t want to waste my money again, and I especially didn’t want to and wasn’t able to put up with the discomfort any longer. Not only does mycosis lower your life quality, but it also makes you ashamed to take off your socks at a gym. All that time, I never had a single shower at the gym. I would put on fresh clothes while still all sweaty, and only take a shower when finally home.
As for my search, after hours of reading opinions, reviews, comments, I stumbled upon a product called Fresh Fingers. It helped a lot of people so I thought it could help me too. I had nothing to lose.


Will the Fresh Fingers spray deal with mycosis?

Luckily I was able to order it online. I would feel embarassed to go to the drugstore again and ask for another mycosis remedy. The ordering and shipping process itself went without problems, after 2 days I got my package. You can’t even imagine how long those two days were. Right after receiving it I opened it and sprayed my feet. It shocked me that after few minutes the itching started getting better and I felt relief. Before that, the only relief I could get was when putting my feet in cold water, but you can’t keep them in there forever… The following days I would spray my legs as the included paper said. I couldn’t believe it was working. 2 months of dealing with it fruitlessly, and all I had to do was order that spray! After a little over a week the itching was gone completely, the red spots started shrinking too and you could see that the cracked, peeling skin was healing. Luckily, of all the products available on the Internet it was Fresh Fingers that I bought, because one more month of that and I’d probably go crazy. For the following 2 weeks my skin was healing and after 3 weeks since my treatment started my feet looked pretty much like before I got infected. I read that if you’ve had a mycosis the illness can sometimes come back, which is why I bought a second bottle and I spray myself preventively every 2 days. Another good thing is that my feet kind of sweat less, much less than before. I used to always have wet shoes after the gym, now I no longer have this problem.

Winning against the foot mycosis

To end my story, I’d like to warn everybody one more time! When you visit public places where your bare feet are exposed to surfaces used by many people, never forget to wear flip-flops! If you forget them or lose them, better not go at all so that later you don’t have the same problems I had. As I already mentioned, I only went twice without flip-flops and the mycosis got me, so forgetting your flip-flops even once can get you in trouble. I hope that my story caught your interest and by making it public I can warn at least few people and make them realize how hard it is to cure mycosis. I’d also like to recommend people dealing with this problem a spray that was the only one that actually helped me – Fresh Fingers. Thank you for making it to the end of my story.


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