HTC U11 – Impressions from using the new model of phone.


Here’s another exhibition of our readers testing the newest smartphones. This time Adam shared with us by impressions at using the newest HTC U11. Is that phone going to be hit product? Read it necessary.

Hi, my name is Adam. I am 34 years old. From over 10 years I run my own business. I have always been a huge fan of new mobile phones and extreme sports. For a long time I was using my HTC. It is quite resistant. I got it as a gift from girlfriend and it kept that way. However next to my activity I needed something more strength and certain.

 Some time while browsing the Internet I came across an article about the latest flagship of my favorite manufacturer. I mean here the HTC U11. My current smartphone was no longer of first youth so I decided to become the owner of the latest HTC U11. However there was no such possibility. I could only try my luck and test my phone.

 Unexpected conversation

Many people report for tests. Especially that in many causes in that way they can get the phone with large rebate. I was sceptical but I had to realize that my candidacy may last, in view of that smartphones are not prepared for using them during extreme sports. After about two weeks being in work my phone called. Instinctively I answered the phone. That what I heard knocked me off my pedestal. Nice, woman’s voice informed me that my candidacy for tests of HTC U11 phone was adopted. As justification I heard that it is in a big measure caused by fact that creators want to check how the phone will cope in extreme situations. I was informed about all rights and responsibilities.

Few days later into my office came courier with desirable package. Together with it he took also an agreement under which I was becoming theowner for limited time. If I would be effective tester I could even get 50% rebate and announced market price of 900 dollars  was very prohibitive. In this regard I signed with no need to thinking about the effects. I said goodbye to the nice courier and I hid the package to my desktop. I planned tests after work in the evening.


HTC U11 – First Impressions


In the evening I finally could start testing of my phone. At a glance was enough to make me smiling. The phone looked amazing. The red back flipper was adding style to nicely looking, sleek HTC U11. From a leaflet I knew that body phone is compatibile with IP 57 standards, so it is resilient for dust and immersion in water. Its screen also was presenting quite impressive. I could not wait anymore. In packaging I was looking for battery but ineffective. It turned out that HTC in that type of model decided to use non-convertible battery. It has also capabillity of fast recharging. Non-convertibility of battery is not good in my opinion but it does not disown my positive opinion of the newest flagship of HTC company.

At given instruction I have found all specification of device. I have to honestly admit that I saw things but this made a real impression on me. The phone had 6 GB Memory Ram to make possibility of working all the applications. Besides it built memory 128 GB was giving fully comfort during applications installation and possibility of saving a big amount of records. In this device we will find many solutions available in other very popular phones like: scanner of fingerprints, accelerometer, gyroscope or digital compass.

Sound in HTC U11

 Here’s when we are talking about sound, HTC introduced very interestin solution. It is possibility of recording and playing sound in 360 degrees. While using the phone we have an impression that the sound is surrounding us from each side. I checked it and it really works. It gives very pleasant impression being in the middle of action. Beside it in phone are also speakers HTC BoomSound – one high-sheet placed above the screen and the second average tonne on down edge of phone. Besides it HTC U11 has a function of playing and recording of sound Hi-Res. In the set of package was included also headphones Usonic. I found out that they can scan interior of ear by ultrasounds in goal to select appropriate parameters for the music we are listening to. The phone has two cameras – in the front ( 16 Mpix resolution) what with no doubt allow for the high quality pics and the back camera with stabilization of picture (resolution 12 Mpix). With such cameras taking pictures should be a clear pleasure. 

 Test HTC U11 outside

 Since I knew what possibilities my tested device has it is time for checking it out how it will cope in practice. I hid it to my pocket and went diving to nearby lake. Yes, that was the test! However before diving I went to take some photos. Their quality was really hearbreaking! You could see many of details. My previous phone didn’t have such possibility. The lake was deep and the test wasn’t so demanding. I jumped with it into water having in my head a lot of questions. What if it will stop working? What if I will not find it. For lucky that wasn’t happened. The fact is IP 57 says clearly that the phone can not be lower than 1m under the water. Mine was two.

Fortunately nothing happened. However I do not recommend to try it to anyone. It can end differently. The next test was checking out how the loudspeakers work. I was amazed. I had the impression that sound is surrounding me. Driving by car I put one of headphone to my ear. The sound really changed after moment. I can claim that the headphones scanned my ear and took accurate parameters. 

Summary – HTC U11

My application to tests was in my opinion great move. I have met with the newest technology and I got rebate from producer. Nowe I have become lucky owner of HTC U11. The only disadvantage I observed was non-convertible battery. I always don’t understand why the producers decide on such solution. Maybe the phone looks more sleek but each of clients should have possibility to change the bettery while its  lifetime will end. All beside it is good. Games in which I was playing in free time are working very fluent. There are no cuts.

Adoption of 360 deegre sound gives really pleasant impression of surrounding us sound and connected headphones greatly select the parameters to preferences of user. The cameras take perfect pictures. If the price will be lower then it will be better to invest in HTC U11. It is a good solution for all who is looking for stylish phone with multiply functions and for people who wants to feel surrounded and permeated by sound. I am very happy that I got a phone and I would recommend it to anyone.



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