How learning with Ling Intelligence changed my life


We never know when the knowledge of some language will be useful. In that beautiful afternoon we would like to present you Karl history who changed his whole life with platform Ling Intelligence. We encourage you to read how the was running the gaining of Carmen’s heart by Karl and that is his learning ended successful.

Hi Everyone,

I am Karl and I would like to share with you my history. That fundamentally changed my life. Now I am on a final year of my studies. Before I started to work I decide to go for a study exchange. I wanted to have a recruiting trip to Spain at my university. I volunteered, took the English test and was expecting for results. When the results were announced I was in a heavy shock. I got as the last one!! I was so happy. But there came a reflection. How will I talking there with others? English should theoretically be enough but friends who have already gone to such exchanges said that some of the lecturers simply don’t know English, and that is why they use their native language. It scared me a little but I was not going to take a step back. I decided to learn at least a little Spanish.

 My beginnings with Spanish

 The first idea was starting a Spanish language course. I didn’t have much hours but I had no choice. The classes were on Wednesdays and Fridays at 19 o’clock. On classes I was only four times. After that time I considered that it doesn’t quite make sense. I don’t remember anything form classes besides Hola or Adios. I was not satisfied such results. I started to looking for better method. The method which would require from me regular attendance on classes and what’s more important would make learning as a pleasant task. On the internet I found descriptions of a few methods but which one will be the best? After the review with all of those opinions and articles, my choice was Ling Intelligence. All was to take place online and for me it is a big positive.

 Ling Intelligence – first meeting

After registration on Ling Ingtelligence I bought course of Spanish language and I decided to check how it actually looks in practice. I was quite sceptical because we can find on the web also negative comments but we will do everything for our dreams. I have started course and just first impression was very positive. The knowledge which I wanted to learn was given in a very simple and kindly way. My first entertainment, cause I can’t call it learning – last about 3 hours. When I finally ended I decided to check myself and do a little test about what I remember. It turned out that majority of words which I have known on platform founded in my head!


 Further part of learning Spanish

In the next days I was spending an hour, sometimes two hours on the platform. I was doing it in a bus waiting on visit with doctor or when I was ordinary bored. I must say I wanted to exercise because I had a feeling that it brings me effects. The same results I could achieve possibly after a year of attendance on that unlucky language course. Every day I was learning constantly newer things. I had all in my head, everything was entering with no effort. I knew that someday it will be helpful and it supposed to be. Just before my departure I needed to remind vocabulary which previously I didn’t learn. Everything went on without any interruptions.

My trip to exchange

 To Spain we flew by plain. At he beginning my education was very useful. At the airport we had a little problem with luggage. Unfortunately no of airport worker wasn’t saying good enough in English. I was the only person who was able to talk with them. This is due Ling Intelligence platform. Everyone were impressed that in so short period of time it is possible to learn foreign language in such good level.

 Spanish in the social life

Upon arrival at our lodge, the hosts prepared a welcoming party for us. Apart from us there were a lot of students and we were attending on classes together. I especially liked the beautiful Carmen. We were spending great time together almost all evening. Thanks to my Ling Intelligence that I have studied I had no problem with communicating with her. When the party was over, Carmen decided she will take me around Madrid. The city looked beautiful and all  of these monuments and a great guide made me forget about the world. To my room I came back around 5am local time. Honestly I do not know how I got there. I could not stop thinking about my beautiful friend. I think I am in love. Every next day I was meeting with her in every free moment. When I didn’t I was learning with Ling Lingence. The ability to install applications on your phone has proven to be extremely useful. So my whole trip was over. In the meantime I confessed to Carmen that I love her and it turned out that she also loves me. I was terribly nauseated due to my departure. I did not want to leave my girlfriend but I had no choice. It was so difficult for me. We said goodbye and I flew back to Germany again.

 Return to Spain

 I couldn’t deal with that my lovely was there alone. I started to looking for a job in Spain. It turned out that they are looking for people after my kind of studies. Thanks to Ling Intelligence there was no problem to transform my CV to Spanish and organize an appointment for internet job interview. The whole conversation was running really fast and corrective. The person who were talking with me congratulated me that I can talk in Spanish so good. He was amazed when I said that I was learning language by such a short period. I got a job immediately with no bigger problems. They recognized that when I coped so fast with Spanish language, I will cope with everything really fast. When Carmen knew about that, she started to crying with happiness. Just a few days later I was by her side in Spain. Now we are so happy here together! I made myself comfortable here and rather I am not going come back to Germany. Here I feel good, people treat me like their person and I owe all of this to Ling Intelligence platform.

Summary of my experiences

 Education of Spanish language was easy. It is important to choose suitable method. I tried education with Ling Intelligence Platform and I highly recommend it to all of you. My experience shows that you can learn in a fast way from zero position and go to the advanced level. From the package I was learning from basics to advanced level. The method is very effective, clear and it not require enormous amount of time. On Ling Intelligence platform by learning I was assimilating only the most important information without unnecessary nonsense. The mobile option of my education and possibility of using it in any time is definitely a big advantage. I hope that my history will sure you that it is worth to go with your dreams. If you are dreaming of learning any language – go and invest in Lin Intelligence.

 Comment from editorship

We wish to Mr Karl all the best for the future. We want more such positive stories. We hope that his story will inspire everyone to fight for your dreams. As you can see you can achieve so much.


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