My experience with applying L’Oreal Paris- Colorista Ombre


Today we got a mail from mrs. Jessica. In her story, she describes her experience with using the L’Oreal Paris- Colorista Ombre product.

My first ombre – epic fail

Each of us girls knows how difficult it is to find a good hair stylist, and finding a hair stylist that can make a good ombre for a decent price is close to a miracle. The prices got me frightened, as it turned out that such service can cost up to 80 euro! But I found a highly recommended hair salon where mrs. Agatha did an ombre for a little less. Together we selected the colors, on the top, close to my natural color, brown turning into light blonde. I was sitting in the chair impatiently, waiting for the end result. It seemed so promising. I could already imagine my perfect hair. Over 2 hours passed and then I saw the end result. What I did see was a complete shock to me. My hair was completely ruined and the color left much to be desired. That was the most failed ombre I have ever seen. The colors didn’t match at all. I ran out of the salon crying.
That’s what my hair looked like after that visit:

How to fix results of a botched hair job?


I rushed to the closest drugstore right away to buy some hair dye and cover up the results of mrs. Agatha work.. The saleslady at the store recommended me the latest L’Oreal Colorista products. One of the available choices was Effects Ombre. The description said that the package contains everything needed to do an Ombre, and on top of that you can do it all by yourself. I decided that I didn’t really have anything to lose and in the worst case scenario I’d just have to cut my hair anyway 😉 So I bought that dye (it cost less than 10 Euro) and ran home to get to dying right away.

L’Oreal Paris- Colorista Ombre – Application

Back at home I carefully read the manual and checked out the products included. It contained a lightening cream and powder, an oxidizing emulsion, a nutritional shampoo, disposable protective gloves and a special brush to apply the dye. After reading the manual I realized there was no way I would be able to evenly apply the dye on the back of my head, so I needed my sister’s help. We decided that we would start applying the dye a little above the line of the bright color on my botched ombre. Since my hair is pretty thick, it took pretty long to apply, but we tried to do this very precisely. The application itself is pretty comfortable, you have to squeeze the mixed dye onto the included brush and then spread the dye starting from your selected level all the way down to the ends. The dye should stay on your hair for 25 to 45 minutes, which depends on how bright you want your hair to be. I kept mine for 40 minutes, because I wanted to have really bright ends. After rinsing it I quickly dried my hair to see how my ombre looked now. I was pretty positively surprised. Overall at the first glance the ombre looked good, but it turned out that the color wasn’t quite as bright as I expected. It might have been because my hair had already been dyed that day and it couldn’t absorb that much dye. When I carefully checked my hair I noticed that the dye wasn’t applied very precisely in some places, but what really mattered was that overall my hair looked pretty good. For a home made ombre I think I had nothing to complain about.
That’s what my hair looks like after applying L’Oreal Paris- Colorista Ombre:

L’Oreal Paris- Colorista Ombre – My review

To sum it up, I think that this product is worth recommendation, but with a little grain of salt. You certainly need someone to help you apply the dye, especially on the back of the head. The second thing is you need to keep it precise, which might be pretty difficult for someone doing it for the first time. We definitely can’t expect the same kind of results that could be provided by a hair porfessional. If you’re hoping for significantly brigher hair you might be a little disappointed. Although my hair was already pretty bright anyway, I didn’t get it quite as bright as I expected. I think this dye will work for people whose hair isn’t too dark. Unfortunately I can’t really tell if the dye affected my hair’s condition, because it had already gotten damaged from an earlier hair styling service. That’s it for the cons. As for the pros I should certainly mention the price- 10 euro for an ombre is really something! Considering how a professional ombre costs about 80 euro, I think that one can try out L’Oreal Colorista without second thoughts. It’s also worth noting that applying the dye is pretty comfortable thanks to the included brush (you should thoroughly brush your hair before dying it as the included brush can actually pull it out). I find the applying brush to be a great idea, because it makes you sure that when you spread the dye the transition between the colors will look natural. So despite the mixed feelings I think that I could recommend L’Oreal Colorista Ombre to everyone who wants to make a light, natural ombre at low cost.



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