How does Nikon D7500 perform? Read the review


Greetings, dear readers! Today we will present to you a test of the Nikon D7500 camera that was performed by our reader Thomas, who is a photographer. We’ll take a look at his feedback and experience with using Nikon D7500.

Hi everyone, my name is Thomas. I’ve always been into photography. I invest all the money I make in developing my passion. Some time ago I became an owner of the brilliant device that Nikon D7500 certainly is. I’ll gladly tell you about my observations and experience related to this device.

What I look for in a camera

For some time now, I’ve been making some extra money taking pictures at first communions, weddings, receptions and other events. I started with a basic digital camera. But, as a professional photographer, I want my pictures to be of perfect quality. For that reason, I gradually invest the money I make in better equipment all the time. Lately I found some info online on the upcoming premiere of the Nikon D7500 reflex camera. The information on it really caught my interest. It had a lot of features of the D500 model which is a typical professional equipment. The price was around 1400 euro which was still two thousand less than Nikon D500. Not waiting any longer, I decided to choose Nikon D7500 as my next purchase.


After purchasing the camera online, there was nothing left for me to do but patiently wait for the delivery. One sunny day the delivery guy arrived with my very valuable package. I said a very warm thank you and decided to start getting familiar with my new purchase.

First impression

A very important factor for a photographer is the comfort of use. A camera simply has to be convenient and handy. That was the case with Nikon D7500, holding it was a pure pleasure to me. It was really lightweight. I read in the manual that it only weighs 640 g. A nice thing is including an optical pentaprism viewfinder which practically lets you cover 100% of a frame. While checking out the case it seemed to me that it was really durable. But the device does have one flaw that is pretty significant from my point of view. It’s the fact that it only has one SD card slot. At bigger parties it really is a huge problem. But that’s not really a hopeless situation.

Another thing that I did was getting fully familiar with the device’s parameters. D7500 has a build-in APS-C sensor with 20,9 megapixel resolution, which gives great results in bad lighting. Pictures taken with such camera just have to be perfect. This reflex camera is also equipped with an amazing Exspeed5 image processor, which allows you to take 8 pictures within one second! Nikon D7500 is also equipped with SnapBridge, which means it uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for pairing with a smartphone, remote control and picture transfer. I also read in the manual that the autofocus module isn’t particularly fast. That’s a little pity, but at least it’s extremely precise. To the point where you can follow objects, lock the exposure on them and keep them in the field of focus. The last merit I read about is the fact that Nikon D7500 is compatible with a wide range of Nikon flashes, as well as with the ME-1 stereophonic microphone and the ME-W1 wireless microphone.

Nikon D7500 test

I decided that this much information is enough and I began testing.

I have to tell you that the picture quality really did impress me. They were simply brilliant. As if that wasn’t enough, it turned out that Nikon D7500 has a flip-up LCD touchscreen! It only made me sure that I made a really great choice with my purchase. After all, this type of screen is much more useful than traditional displays. The optical pentaprism viewfinder really did make the picture cover nearly 100% of the frame.

Another nice thing I have noticed during testing is the object recognition: 180 thousand pixel RGB exposure measuring sensor with an advanced scenery recognition system. Precise exposure calculation even during dynamic shots. During picture taking I learned that it was not the end of pleasant surprises that Nikon D7500 had in store for me. During picture taking this reflex camera makes calculations that protect brigther areas from overexposure: it gives priority to the brightest objects in the frame, helping prevent burned light areas.

Making movies with Nikon D7500

The time has come to make a short movie with my new purchase. How surprised I was when it turned out that Nikon D7500 lets you make movies in 4K definition. It makes the image pretty much flawless and lets you see the tiniest details. It also turned out that creating fluid and properly exposed time-lapse videos in full size is incredibly easy. Such intuitive approach is really useful when there’s plenty of content to capture.

My rating of Nikon D7500

Buying the Nikon D7500 reflex camera was a really great choice to me. It has a lot of the professional Nikon D500’s features but it costs way less. The comfortable LCD display that flips up will surely come in handy when taking pictures from high above. When it comes to pictures and movies, we can be sure that they will be of the highest quality. High durability is another advantage here. The device can handle many different weather conditions and we all know you may never tell what can happen. Multitude of functions might freak out at first, but a professional photographer will quickly figure Nikon D7500 out and then will be simply delighted to be able to get such an advanced device for this kind of price. The only downside here is only having a single  SD card slot. But that’s the kind of problem that is easy to handle. Nikon D7500 is definitely the best product currently available on the market. It is my greatest pleasure to recommend it to you.



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