Nintendo Switch test – Will the new portable console conquer the market?


There’s plenty of gaming consoles on the market. Today we’ll present you a story we heard from our user who had bought Nintendo Switch and shared his impression with us. Below we’ll include the story we received, where you can read about his experience related to this console.

Hi! My name is Derek and I’m a huge fan of gaming. Unfortunately I travel a lot around the country which makes it kind of difficult to play games. Lately there’s been a brand new device on the market. Nintendo Switch could be the solution to my problems. I decided that I had to have it. I’ll gladly share my story and my experience testing it with you.

Purchase and delivery of Nintendo Switch:

I decided to order my Nintendo Switch online. That’s the most convenient way to buy things if you ask me. The price tag around 399 Euro just for the console wasn’t low, and I also bought a classic d-pad controller and a bigger SD card. After few days a delivery man came with my long-awaited package. I was excited like a little child who just got their dream toy. Full of hope, I promptly started unpacking the present I had gotten for myself.

The beginnings with a Nintendo Switch console

After unpacking came the first moment of wondering: How exactly does it work?

Unfortunately there was no manual in my language. One of the available languages was English. Luckily some time ago I had learned that language by using the Ling Intelligence platform. While we’re at it, I really recommend this method of learning the language, even to those who travel a lot.

What caught my attention immediately was the console’s quality. You could tell that it was well made. That really does matter when it comes to taking the Nintendo Switch with you when travelling. The first difficulty was putting the console together. After all, the device consists of two Joy-Cons and an over 6 inch multi-touch screen. This kind of screen is very useful when playing with your friends on a trip. I decided to first turn it on with a stationary device. So I placed my Nintendo in the docking station and hooked it up to a wall socket and to a TV over the HDMI port and then turned it on.


Nintendo Switch – First start and testing

Before turning it on I decided to obtain few game cardridges. Unfortunately there are very few games available on the market right now. One of them was LEGO CITY: Undercover. This game could be briefly described as GTA in the world of square blocks. I was pretty surprised with the video quality offered by Nintendo Switch. It looked pretty nice. The game isn’t a simplified or minimized version of its counterpart for other platforms. It is pretty much a 1 to 1 port for this platform. Sounds great to me. Another surprise was HD vibrations. I didn’t even expect this kind of revolutions, and there they are. I could feel in great detail things like vibrations of separate ice cubes and that was by shaking the Joy-Con. So both the visuals and HD sensations are a huge advantage here. The game was very nice, but unfortunately the time came to go on a trip.

Nintendo Switch – Testing on the road

While preparing for the said trip, which would last about 6h, I took my new toy with me together with a PowerBank, because I decided I would need to charge it.

When I was already on a train I decided to take out the console. Thanks to the included base it was very easy to set it up on the table in front of me. Joy-Cons could be used separately which is what I did. It’s a really comfortable approach. The screen was there on the table while I, seated comfortably, loaded a gameplay that I had started back home when my Nintendo Switch was still a stationary device. The screen is pretty big for this kind of device which is definitely an advantage. After five hours had passed, to my surprise, Nintendo Switch was still working. Only after another hour I got a warning about a low battery. Luckily I could charge the device from the PowerBank with a USB 3.0 port. A man seating nearby admitted he was impressed that such a small device could have such good visuals. The only downside was a rather small pad but you can get used to it fast.


My opinion on Nintendo Switch

I’m glad that I bought Nintendo Switch. This device really is very useful. It was supposed to help me play my favorite games at home and then continue while travelling. So far it isn’t quite possible yet, but the makers are preparing many interesting releases. Among its greatest advantages is definitely the graphics quality, which is HD graphics and those incredible sensations given by the HD vibration effects in Joy-Cons. It is not often that a hybrid device which Nintendo Switch definitely is has graphics this good, while also being so functional to boot. Another advantage is the device’s battery life, although obviously with more  power consuming games it will be lower. However, the ability to charge it through USB allows us to enjoy a game even longer. But the Nintendo Switch console also has its flaws. The main one is the price. 399 Euro for this kind of device is quite a lot. It may also count as a disadvantage that there isn’t many games compatible with the console. Of course this will only get better with time. Still, I’m convinced that the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages. I’d say that at this moment you won’t find another console on the market that will give you this much.

In the table below, I will list all the pros and cons to make it more clear:

HD graphics of great quality.The price: The console costs 399 euro plus the price of a pad and a bigger memory card
Joy-Con with HD vibrationsVery few games
Long battery lifeSmall Joy-Cons
Comfort of use
High quality of the device



Thanks to mr. Derek for the article he sent. If you would also like to share your experience with a purchased product or service, send your stories at our e-mail address: [email protected]


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