O!Slim and my fight with obesity – story of Alice


O!Slim and my fight with obesity

Summer season just right here in a while and we are getting more stories related to diet, slimming and the goal of having the perfect figure. Today we will know the story of Mrs. Alice, who decided to fight not only for a better figure but above all for her health. If you are curious as to whether or not she succeeded in attaining the purpose and what she were using, you should read her story.

Good morning, I would like to present my story about my health and slimming. My name is Alice and I am 32 years old. I live in London. Everyday I work as an accountant. Just a few months ago my weight was almost 200 pounds, I had a lot of health problems and no desire to live. Today I am completely different person, looking and feeling different. But let’s start at the beginning.

 My overweight and problems with health

 I never was physically active person. I just don’t like it perhaps I never find the sport which could be accurate for me. Parents were often reward me by sweats. When the maturation period began all of those factors were accumulating and I started mercilessly getting fat. At the beginning I didn’t notice that but from week to week my weight was getting even more. I reached incredibly high weight of 200 pounds. That was something horrible. I felt wrong with myself but on the other hand I didn’t fight with it. I was absorbed by studies and work, there was no time to finally care about myself. Just under year ago my problems with health started. Obesity was showing up. There came problems with all my joints, instant breathlessness and significant increased blood pressure, too high cholesterol and heart pains. Doctor said knew what is the reason – my obesity. The outcomes were so bad that the doctor considered that if I will not change my diet and lose minimum 65 pounds it is sure that I will not live until my own. It was shocking! I’ve never thought that my obesity may affect so much on my health in that way.


First efforts of slimming


I was so proud to all changes. Helthy diet, running, daily exercises, zero sweats. That was my plan. Unfortunately the reality is not so colorful as all hanbooks show us. It is not easy to start exercising, motivation is not all. I was persistent one month. After two weeks I lost 10 pounds. Then the weight stopped in one place. I had no power for exercising. I felt pain in all parts on my body, I didn’t have energy. My nutritionist, Mr Michał was writing different of diets to give me more power to make easier slimming for me and I could not feel hungry. Mr Michał recommended me O!Slim  because it helped for many people previously. I had to eat relatively normal meals, I had to exit from sweats. I got leaflet with manufacturer’s site and I placed two packages at once. The treatment I started after 3 days.


Why I chose O!Slim?


At the beginning I was sceptical to this cause products like those were not reliable for me. However, I neede to fight for my health so I had to try that kind of methood. I was reading that O!Slim  has in it composition mainly extract from amla – Indian fruits. Those fruits have powerful regenrating and atnibacterial properties, many of vitamins and what’s the most important they fasten metabolism, limit my appetite and fight with desire of reaching the candies and it also supports fat burning of tissue. I was looking for it. In addition I didn’t have any side effects because after reading a lot of opinions on the internet I found out that it is very safe.

New shape thanks to O!Slim 

  By first week I was eating as always and daily in the morning I was taking one pill O!Slim  . After only first week I noticed that I don’t eat between meals and I don’t feel hungry as well as well as I did not want to eat chocolate. Every day I was going for a walk but without unnecessary tiring. I wanted to move my body a little. During regular using of O!Slim  , I notice weight loss in a second week. The 8 pounds was lost. I was afraid that it will end here but I was mistake. The further the better it was. My metabolism was working efficient and fat tissue was burning from day to day. I was losing weight much faster and I felt even better. After three weeks I was lighter about 20 pounds. There was only 40 pounds to left but I felt improvement in my health.

I was laughing more, I was happy, full of life. Gradually I was looking for new clothes because mine were too big for me ?. The whole treatment last 2 months and my results overgrew my expectations. My body looks great, I have flat stomach and shaped buttocks and very well slimmed legs. Even cellulite decreased! I wasn’t expect that I could look like this. All my life I was fat and I didn’t like my body. Now I am confident and I wanna life. What’s the most important, my outcomes improved. I don’t feel an instant breathlessness, I don’t feel any pain in chest and my blood pressure is getting to normal. Though for the time weight after treatment doesn’t come back so I don’t have to worry about that.

My opinion about O!Slim 

 In summery, thanks to O!Slim   I feel healthy and beautiful! O!Slim helped me to loose 60 pounds! I would like to recommend it to people who are suffering from obesity and ailments caused by it. I can venture to say that O!Slim   saved my life. I know that many of people may have some symptoms but I had them too. O!Slim  is natural product and its safety is confirmed by researches. I hope that this article will be given to the biggest amount of people who have the same problem as me.

A few words from editorship

Congratulations to Mrs Alice because of effects tha she reached and for that great and enlightening story. It is worth to remember that we can’t underrate the obesity and the best is to begin the fight at the start, that is why we have for you link to the page of producer where you will find detailed information about that product and you can place the order. We wish you good luck ?



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