Rashes, skin lesions and Parasinea – story of Catherine


From what we’ve noticed, the latest hit on the Internet seems to be Parasinea. A growing number of people open their eyes and get a new perception of the world in terms of medicine and causes of most diseases.

Hello to all readers of my-experiences.com ! My name is Catherine, I’m 31 and I’m from Birmingham. I used to think that I was a pretty educated person and that I would never have any serious problems when it comes to health (neither with diagnosis nor treatment). Life proved me wrong, I realized that there are “silent killers” in this world. I promised myself that if I could only get this cured, I would be obliged to tell my story to the world. Buy maybe let’s start from the beginning.

For the first thirty years of my life I didn’t have any major health problems. I was always into healthy lifestyle. I read a lot of books or articles on how to take care of your health and always tried to follow them.

Hives as a sign of an allergy?

This whole story started nearly a year ago. I started getting those lesions on my skin, mostly on the insides of my elbows and knees – something like hives. From what I had heard, these things were caused by allergies. At first I thought that those lesions were just temporary. I just got quickly equipped with all the basic allergy remedies and waited for results. Unfortunately, after just three days, when the hives kept getting worse and started spreading, I realized it was serious – I decided to make an appointment with the family doctor. He suggested I get tested for allergies, to which I instantly agreed of course. The results didn’t find any serious allergy, at least not the kind that would give me such strong and long-lasting hives. I’m only allergic to dog or cat hair. But that couldn’t be the cause of such a severe allergic reaction, because I don’t have any contact with animals at all.

What’s happening with me?

I was in no laughing mood when nothing was able to stop those lesions from happening. I got all the different antiallergic ointments and pills, but sadly they didn’t help either. I’m not usually a sensitive person, but after three weeks of the hives not going away I was just fed up with all of that. On top of that, I started getting those tiny blisters here and there. A friend of mine recommended a skin professional to me. After visiting the doctor I got some steroid ointment prescribed, which didn’t make my problem go away, either.

When everything that doctors had prescribed failed I started looking for other solutions. I learned that changing your diet could help with this kind of problems. I had no time to lose, I would try every solution available. Change of diet helped a little, the itching was a little less intense at times. Despite sticking to a special diet for quite a long time, the hives got stuck to me so much that it didn’t look like they were going anywhere. “Oh well, I’ll just have to keep looking for a way to deal with this” – I thought.

Parasites to blame in most cases?

It feeled like I had searched the entire Internet looking for help. But I was about to find that I did miss something. I accidentally found an article on the Internet about what damage parasites can cause in our bodies. I never would have thought that parasites could give any symptoms other than stomach pains. The article only listed few examples. Just imagine that in 98% of cases parasites living in our bodies can cause:

  • bad breath,
  • allergies and allergic contact dermatitis, rashes and red spots,
  • inflammation of the gastric mucosa, ulcers, diarrhea and constipations,
  • high cholesterol
  • anaemia, insomnia and nervousness,
  • headaches and chronic migraines,
  • bags and darker rings under eyes,
  • muscle and joint pains,
  • mycosis of skin and nails,
  • hemorrhoid problems,
  • chronic fatigue and apathy.

You get it now?? Not waiting for long, I started delving more into this subject. It turns out that parasites just keep getting better at adapting to living in our bodies, which is why getting infected with them gives so many different symptoms (not just stomach pains or anal itching). I read somewhere that besides the ones mentioned above, doctors have even reported things like seizures, fainting, psoriasis, headaches, itching without any visible lesions and of course lesions on the insides of elbows and knees. This is because each body reacts differently to parasitic activity. Because those nasty bugs are getting more and more adapted to living in human bodies, the symptoms are getting more unusual all the time. And these are not just isolated cases either! Doctors say that over a half of all cases (unfit for conventional treatments, or not) are caused by parasitic infections!

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How to get parasites out of your body?

Alright, so I already know the potential cause of those lesions on my skin – parasites. But finding the cause is not the end of it. “That’s just the beginning of the war” I thought. I was perfectly aware that fighting parasites is not so easy. Once we remove the parasites, there might still be some eggs left behind, with new ones eventually hatching – a vicious circle. That’s where we get to the main question – how to get those nasty bugs out of my body?
In the article I found, a doctor recommended Parasinea pills, which:

  • destroy parasites and their eggs (!)
  • support our immune system
  • make our body stronger.

Of course I did some research looking for the best, the most effective remedy for parasites. I couldn’t just believe another expert with no exact data. I also looked for other means of deworming. In the end, I just chose Parasinea. One good thing about it was the fact that Parasinea works with parasites of different kinds. With all the positive reviews, it looked to me like the best choice among all the other solutions and remedies.

Parasinea brings relief!

The users of many message boards and other websites wrote about the high efficiency of this product. I got my Parasinea pills shortly after ordering them. I started my treatment right away. For the first few days I didn’t feel too good. I had read that it’s normal when parasites are being removed from your body. It didn’t bother me that much, because after just few days the spots and blisters were gone and I stopped scratching myself!

After the full treatment I no longer have any problems with my skin. But that’s not the only benefit that I felt after using Parasinea. Only now I can finally feel what a good night sleep is like. My overall well-being got better and I just kind of feel more happy 🙂

Parasinea saved my body!

Now do you understand why I wanted my story to be an eye-opener for you all? I want to share the info with you and open your eyes to what happens inside our bodies these days. With that knowledge, you will be able to reach the source of the problem faster. I only wish I had known about the dangers that parasites could cause. Had I known about it earlier, I wouldn’t have had to suffer for so long, I could have done something about that right away. Most of our health problems might be tied to parasitic infections. If there’s already a need – I recommend Parasinea pills to you. It let me get rid of my parasites fast and effectively. It’s a good idea to make sure that the remedy we choose for deworming not only removes parasites but also their eggs, and also recovers our body from their presence and reinforces our damaged immune system. Parasinea did all of that. Not just in the paper provided, but in the real world too. Such treatment is also a good idea while the symptoms of a parasitic infection are not visible yet – as a preventive measure. Sometimes those bugs won’t reveal themselves, just sitting inside your body and growing. Once they take over your body it might be too late for any help.
That’s why I’m telling you all – let’s take care of our health! Let’s start fighting the parasites! Good luck!

 Dear Catherine, thank you for sharing your eye-opening story with us. You certainly helped many people in a similar situation.




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