My struggle to defeat insecurities with Penidex Extra


Mr. John wrote to us relating his story. He always suffered because of his penis being too short. In an attempt to deal with it, he decided to try Penidex Extra. Did mr. John’s dreams of a longer penis come true? Did Penidex really help him? If you’re curious about it, read the article.

Hello My name is John. I’m 35 and I’m a manager at a shipping company. I always had problems with women, though. The cause of my lack of confidence when interacting with ladies was my small penis. I thought there was nothing I could do about it.

My great problem

One time at a company party I met our lovely intern Susan 🙂 Her beautiful red dress really made her look sexy. As we all know, these types of parties are full of alcohol.

I spent the entire evening with the lovely intern. We really hit it off and we coudn’t see the world outside of each other. When the party was coming to an end, Susan invited me over to her place. Since I was pretty wasted already, I agreed immediately. Unfortunately, by the time I realized my mistake, it was already too late.

We entered the apartment of my beautiful partner making out passionately. We started with some soft petting and touching. Unfortunately we made another step… I don’t even know when we ended up in her bed wearing nothing but underwear.

We were lying close to each other and she began to take my boxers off. That was the moment when I sprang back in shock. Suddenly I remembered why I keep my contacts with women to the minimum. But it was too late. Susan wouldn’t give up and eventually she got what she wanted. My boxers ended up on the floor. The intern was staring in disbelief. There she saw my 10 cm penis. I could see the embarassment in her eyes. Even though she cheered me up that it wasn’t a problem and that it wasn’t that small I knew there wouldn’t be any sex tonight. Red as a beet, I left my would-be sexual partner and went home depressed. On my way I decided that I had to find some solution to that problem. That was the last time I was humiliated because of my length.

In search of a remedy

These days you could theoretically find everything online. Thanks to that, you don’t have to visit doctor over the most embarassing problems and waste your time waiting for an appointment. A much more effective way is searching message boards and all kinds of websites on your own. In my research, I really found a lot of different solutions. But you have to be pretty naive to believe that home remedies can help you with something that often requires a surgery. That’s the option I really wanted to avoid, because I had read a lot about all those complications resulting from this kind of surgeries. Other methods were penis pumps and all kinds of supplements and creams. That last option seemed particularly interesting, which is why I started my search for the best product to help me with my problem. At one point during my search I found Penidex Extra. As I read the reviews and comments I was full of hope. It did help so many men, so why wouldn’t it help me as well. At that moment I was fully convinced to try Penidex too. In other case I would still have to avoid any intimacy with women, which was something out of question.

Purchase and delivery

While browsing a thread on Penidex I learned that this product was only available online. It kind of scared me, since you hear so much about all those crooks, but the will to change my situation won. I finally found the manufacturer’s website and read a lot of interesting info on its ingredients, how it worked and why the product should only be ordered on the manufacturer’s website. It turned out that pharmacies offered a price that was too low for the manufacturer and too high for the potential clients. That’s why the manufacturer didn’t want to let the pharmacists make money on poor people. In the thread on Penidex I also found info on how many knock-offs of the product are available online, the effectiveness and safety of which are pretty questionable.

Because of that I decided not to wait any longer and I ordered the product directly from the manufacturer’s website and made the payment to make sure that my remedy would arrive fast. And it did. Just few days later a delivery man called to tell me he had a package for me. When he arrived I was pleasantly surprised. Everything was kept in an inconspicuous package so that nobody could find out what was inside.

Taking the product and visible results


After saying goodbye to the delivery man I decided to open the package and see what the thing that would change my entire life looked like. What caught my attention right away was a manual from the manufacturer included in the package. Without any hesitation, I decided to thoroughly read it. Systematicity is not really one of my virtues, but in this case I knew that I couldn’t afford any slip-ups. I used Penidex Extra 100% according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. I knew that only by being systematic I could expect my sex life to change.

I was taking Penidex Extra every day for 30 days. But after just two weeks I was too curious and decided to see if my penis got bigger. So I grabbed a ruler and was positively surprised. It turned out that my penis got longer by whole 4 cm. That way I already reached the national average 🙂 For someone who was always insecure about his short penis such news was like a dream come true. I continued my treatment until running out of pills, which was an entire month. When few days passed since taking the last Penidex Extra pill I decided to check the length of my penis again. It turned out that I had become a lucky owner of a 17 cm member!!! 🙂 My penis also got a little thicker. Now it really looked impressive. I became a more confident man. After all I was 3 cm above the national average by now :).

Summary – The opinion

To sum it up: Penidex Extra has changed my entire life. I’ve become more confident at interpersonal relations, especially when it comes to contacts with women. The problem of a small penis is not only a sexual type of problem, it’s a struggle that impact the entire life of every man. At another company party I met Anka again. Now she was employed. After several shots I told her that I had changed. She was so curious that she agreed to another meeting at her place. After a really satisfying evening we still see each other from time to time. Thanks to Penidex Extra I am now a happy satisfied man, and my partner now has nothing to complain about either 🙂

Few words from our editorial staff

We’d like to say thank you to mr Jozef for sending us such an inspiring story. As one can see, there are working remedies that can change the life of every man with a small penis. We wish mr Jozef luck and for our readers, we have a special link. It will send you to the manufacturer’s website, where you can find all the useful information on the product.



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