Philips OneBlade – review. Experience with using it.


Today waiting in our e-mail inbox was a text from mr Jack, who shared his impressions after buying Philips OneBlade with us and our readers. Is this a revolutionary shaver that will win men over? We invite you to read.

Hi my name is Jack and I’d like to share my experience with you related to using the Philips OneBlade shaver.

First step to a magnificent beard

Some time ago I decided to grow a beard. After all, the big-city lumberjack style is very popular these days. After about a week I started wondering. How exactly does one properly style their beard to make it grow evenly. I spent a lot of time online searching for the answer. It turned out that a regular shaver is not a good solution  especially considering that I have a very sensitive skin. To get my dream beard of even length and proper shape I needed few separate devices. I gave up due to how many options there were and how complicated it was.

Around a month later I met my good friend at a party. He had a beautiful thick beard. It seemed just perfectly styled. I asked him how much time he spends styling it and how many devices he uses. His reply really did surprise me. It turned out that for styling, shaving and trimming he only uses a single device. It was Philips OneBlade.


Philips OneBlade – First impression

The topic of growing a marvellous beard resurfaced in my head. Next day, at the website of the manufacturer of Philips OneBlade I found the purchase option. The price got me a little surprised but after all your dreams are worth it. I ordered it! For the next few days I was waiting for the delivery man to arrive with the much desired product. One beautiful afternoon, a delivery man came knocking at my door and handed me my package. After saying goodbye I opened it. At the first glance, Philips OneBlade looked like a regular electric shaver. Sure it did look more handy but that was it. I thought it was just a waste of money after all. But after some time I realized I was actually wrong.

First styling with Philips OneBlade

It was about 2 weeks since I had bought Philips OneBlade. On that very day this device showed what it can really do! The time came for the first styling. So I took out my OneBlade and began styling. How surprised I was when it turned out that it was pure pleasure. Its ergonomic shape and a blade that adjusts to the shape of the face really made styling easier. When I looked at myself in the mirror I was on cloud nine. My beard was even, with facial features perfectly highlighted. Out of habit, I started cleaning the shaver with tap water. Then I suddenly came back to my senses:” What am I doing”. Scared that I ruined my styling wand, I quickly turned off  the faucet. Luckily the device still worked. It turned out that another advantage it had was being waterproof, as I read about later.




That’s how I styled my facial hair every week. Then the time came to go for the long-awaited vacation.

OneBlade on a vacation

Packing a single device isn’t as hard as packing few of them which is why I decided to take the Philips OneBlade with me. After all it was a pretty long vacation and I really wanted to maintain my even hair all that time. It was pretty hot in Bahamas, so I would spend the greater part of a day at beach ogling beautiful women. In the evenings, on the other hand, I would party at local clubs.

After two days I decided that I had to even my facial hair. But the moment I took out the Philips OneBlade it turned out that I had forgotten to pack the charger. Apparently in all that rush I missed such important element. And once again, Philips OneBlade surprised me. It turned out that it had a very strong battery. It only took me few minutes to even it. Thanks to that, I could even my beard once in a while without worrying about consequences of my forgetfulness.

How does OneBlade deal with moustaches?

I really liked my facial hair, but my girlfriend had a problem with my moustache. So I decided to shave it off. While doing so, I learned that even that task was handled perfectly by Philips OneBlade. My moustache was gone in just few minutes and my skin wasn’t irritated. It really made me crazy happy, because I used to always have problems with irritations after shaving.

Some time had passed. The device’s head was all worn out. With this kind of devices, when this happens you usually just have to throw it all away. Not here! It turned out that Philips OneBlade had replacable heads. While ordering online, I discovered that it cost around  35 Euro for two heads. Quite a lot for just the heads but it’s still less than having to buy an entire new device. I replaced it and now I can enjoy using Philips OneBlade again.

At the next party my friends praised my perfectly styled beard and asked who was my stylist and how much they charged. They were severely shocked when they learned that I do the styling myself and the price of the device was pretty affordable.

Summary – My review of Philips OneBlade.

I’m glad that I listened to my friend and ordered Philips OneBlade. This device really did change my life. Now I really look just as I dreamed. I have a beautiful thick beard that I can style as I please and I don’t even have to worry about skin irritation. It was worth investing money in this device for myself. I’m pretty sure that as of today this really is the best device of this kind available on the market. I really recommend that everyone tries it out on themselves. It’s really worth it.

I’ll wrap it up by listing the pros and cons below.

Price of the devicePrice of spare heads
Is waterproof
Long lasting battery
Doesn’t irritate skin
Ergonomic shape




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