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Today we received a real “blast”, which was an article that described the experience of using the brand new Samsung Galaxy S8. The product will only be available for sale from April 28th, but few selected people had a chance to test it earlier. One of them was our reader George, who shared his experience after few days of using Galaxy S8.

Hi, my name is George. I run a small family business. Few days ago I became a lucky owner of a Samsung Galaxy S8. I will gladly share my observations on Samsung’s new product with other readers.

There was a lot of talk about Samsung Galaxy S8 on the Internet. It turned out to be the company’s latest flag phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 – The first impression

Few days ago I received my long awaited delivery, which contained my new phone. I said thank you to the delivery man and promptly started unpacking and testing this amazing piece of technology.

I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone so it had a 5,8 inch display. The phone won me over from the moment I first looked at it. The thin frames left an outstanding impression on me. Unfortunately, the lack of buttons below the screen made the impression quickly fade. But even here Samsung Galaxy S8 surprised me. It turned out that the tiny part of the screen that normally contains the home button can measure the pressure. If you press it hard enough, it works just like the home button. This approach turned out to be a perfect choice. The display itself looked really nice and the protection used which is called GorillaGlass made me sure that even if I dropped the phone the display would remain intact. The fingerprint scanner was placed on the back which is hardly an adventage, because sometimes instead of the scanner my index finger would land on the camera which made pictures kind of blurry. As for the camera, we have a 12 MP one on the back and a 8 MP one in the front.
While checking out the phone I accidentally dropped it in a sink full of water. Luckily Samsung Galaxy S8 is watertight.

Samsung Galaxy S8 – Specifications

My next step was checking out how my new purchase works. The phone is pretty handy and nice to use. After turning it on it turned out that it works really intuitively which is another good thing about it. It has 4 GB of RAM. It may not be some impressive amount but it’s more than enough for me. Its memory of 64 GB also gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to installing all those apps. You can also add a memory card of 128 GB capacity.

My new Assistant

While checking out the new stuff I found what looked like an assistant. It lets you browse the frequently updated content in one place. Other options are: image search, object recognition, translation of scanned text, notification management and things to do; you can also set reminders for pictures, movies or websites.
I used a button to turn the Assistant on. But it can also be voice activated.

DEX docking station

As an addition to my new Samsung Galaxy S8 I also bought the docking station. The price of such device is around 200 euro. That’s quite a lot but I’d say it’s worth it. After placing the phone in the docking station and plugging it in with a HDMI cable I could enjoy the Desktop mode. The station has two USB ports and an ethernet port which allows us to use our phone like a computer. That’s where I really wish this phone had more than just 4 GB of RAM.

While taking the phone out of the docking station I was unlucky to drop it on the floor. I froze in shock because despite knowing about the protection you may never know if it would actually work. It turned out that GorillaGlass works great. There was no trace of the fall. I made a huge sigh of relief. So I kept on testing. All the games and other apps worked really well. The phone didn’t freeze.

Quick charging.

My testing went on for some time which caused the battery of 3000 mAh capacity to run out and here’s where my new purchase surprised me again. Thanks to the right  functions full charge only took 20 minutes which is an amazing result. You can also choose inductive charging which is also a pretty interesting approach.

Samsung Galaxy S8 – Test summary

When buying this phone for over 900 euro I was full of hope. I wasn’t wrong. The phone lived up to all my expectations. Its great appearance makes a perfect match with what Samsung Galaxy S8 has inside. Its display and functionality have to be its greatest advantages. One really interesting thing that is worth attention here is the DEX docking station. Thanks to the built-in cooling fan the phone doesn’t overheat. Unfortunately, once we plug the phone into the docking station we may start complaining about the built-in 4 GB of RAM. It’s a good thing that charging is really fast and the inductive charging feature makes it a lot easier. If there’s a downside to it, it’s the fingerprint reader placed on the back and the camera which IMO could have been a little better for such price. The battery could last for longer too. But those things are pretty insignificant when compared witht the advantages we get when we decide to buy Samsung Galaxy S8. As for me, I honestly recommend buying this phone. It really is worth the money you have to spend on it.

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