Sony NEX – 5 – compact wheelchair. How Sony NEX-5 works?


We get a lot of messages with tests of digital camera Sony NEX 5. One of the most interesting reviews is from Mrs Emma – photography amateur. We are presenting her impressions from test of that compact photgraphy device.

I was looking for compact camera with the quality photos like in reflex camera

Hey! My name is Emma and I would like to share with you my impressions from testing camera Sony NEX-5. On the shop shelves you can find a lot of expensive devices, professional cameras with viewfinder and the mirror. Nonetheless of wide range of choice it is hard to find device which is tailored to user’s needs who is intermediate and who want to take great photos with good quality and with good parameters and on the other hand we don’t want to take with ourselves heavy equipment and the accessories. I also don’t like it. I appreciate the climate of taking pictures by analog camera or reflex camera but I decided to find something what could satisfy me both by standards photos with great quality and it will not cover much space and thanks to that I will take it wherever I want and I will not retract from my photographic passion. The accurate presentation of current frame is very important for me. I am an amateur of photography but I personally value modern sensors and universality of device. My searching of ideal compact device with functions of reflex camera lasting for months. I was waiting for something to appear on the market so I could buy it and test. I wanted to find alternative of my reflex camera which in a lot of situations was not good because of its sizes. I was searching for compact camera guaranteed the quality of photos from professional reflex camera.

 I was amazed by technical parameters of Sony NEX-5…

Going through shops with electricity I was trying so long to find something what could respond to my needs. Sony NEX-5 is a modern, compact mirroless- the part of corpus NEX. It debuted in 2010.

 It is flagship product Sony which offers compact sizes of camera combining functions and professional quality of photos and videos. It is the smallest camera in Alfa system.

 Sony NEX-5 is combining in itself the quality of photos and compact size which is useful in for each situation – always then when we want to get a good quality of photo in inclement conditions. Corpus is incredibly durable and its not too big sizes are the guarantee of user convenience. The camera is equipped with interface USB and HDMI what for me is a big plus.

 I don’t have to concentrate on adequate stabilization to get photo with good quality. Ath the beginning I was suprised by cemera’s size and the quality of photos which it was taken. I wasn’t expect that this not too big and compact device will accomodate reflex camera’s functions. Grip on the right guarantees that the camera will not drop from your hand. The compact size is the first but Sony NEX-5 definitely encourages by technical parameters.

No mirrors with great sensor – I have soon realized that bulky reflex camera is just a past

Sony NEX-5 does not have the mirror. I have the impression, that everyone who had close contacts with Sony NEX-5 will agree and find in my favor that it is unusually handy, professional digital camera which can not be outdone with classic DSLR quality.

I have noted some feature just after starting-up that Sony NEX-5 has a perfect quality screen. The camera has modern, 14,2 – megapixel sensor in size of APS-C. The sensor such like in professional reflex cameras. The one disadvantage may be lack of the camera’s built-in flash what does not make a big difference cause in each package we have separated flash. Sony NEX-5 is compact with fully interchangeable optics. Interchangeable optic makes Sony NEX-5 the universal camera.

 Well-cropped images and interchangeable optics are the strengths of the Sony NEX-5

The first Sony NEX-5 photos and I am positively impressed. I admit that apart from taking pictures I also record many videos – during traveling, my daily day, private parties. Sony NEX-5 records videos in FULL HD 1080i quality. I think that also in this respect Sony NEX-5 combining advantages of reflex camera and compact cameras. It is suprising that this insignificant by size camera creates panorama in sizes 2D as well as 3D.


At the beginning I thought that maybe SONY NEX-5 is just the proverbial Japanese one-off. It turned out that I was wrong. Thanks to bayonet Sony E cooperates with SEL lens. In set to the camera is additionally  E 16 mm f/2.8 and  E 18–55 mm f/3.5–5.6 OSS len. The good solution for producer is adding to conventer’s set type of fisheye lens. Bayonet mount is a great solution.

To its benefit speaks good cropping and comfortable controling of camera’s functions what is a plus during dynamic photographing and changeable conditions. Device is really recommendable in terms of visual characteristics.

Walk and photos – Sony NEX – battery not at all met my expectations

I love to walking. I always have by my side digital camera. My persistent problem was bettery of low level. I decided to test Sony NEX-5 during travel lasting a few hours. I connected the external lamp, inserted the memory card, and went. On the road I did a lot of pictures. I did not record any videos, but the battery did not last too long. That was a little disturbing, as for some other amateurs of photography and during many hours of taking pictures. Well, here Sony NEX-5 definitely fails. It is certainly necessary to recharge the batteries.

Sony NEX-5  is a perfect solution for amateurs and advanced photographers

 I am immediate amateur of photography and also passionate. For me, Camer Sony NEX-5 left a good impression. I was afraid that I will buy camera which will be a common, one-off toy for children. It turned out that on the contrary. That is a purchase I don’t regret and I am happy that I have come to this decision.

Sony NEX-5 is a compact design that has the quality of reflex camera which I love and which  I use. I don’t have to worry that I will not take a moment on picture cause I had too heavy and bulky device. I think that Sony NEX-5 will meet expectations of amateurs of photography and also more advanced users. The detailed arrangement of exposition next to dynamic shots is definite, strong plus of Sony camera. I am very satisfied from each shot and every video.

Thanks to Sony NEX-5 I know that taking pictures can be easier. For me the plus is unusually big sensor – of course by the standards mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera and compacts. Thanks to big sensor during photographing Sony NEX-5 you can get the high quality of picture. Possibility of cropping in each position and conditions make that taking pictures is easier and also much more pleasant. Purchase of Sony NEX-5 will certainly be a good decision which will strengthen your photography passion.

Many thanks to Emma for submitted text with test of camera Sony NEX-5. We hope that it will be helpful for many users and it will help you to choose optimal photographic device. If you would like to share with your impressions about bought product or service, send it on our mailbox: [email protected]


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