Embarassing story. Penis enlargement with Titan Gel.


Last afternoon our staff received a letter from mr. Casey from Milwaukee, he wanted to share his review of the Titan Gel product and tell us how he ran into it and why he needed it. Let’s hope that his embarassing experience will help others avoid awkward situations.

Hello everyone my name is Casey and I’d like to express my opinion on the Titan Gel product, which helped me solve my very embarassing problem. I have struggled to write this for a long time, but the editors promised me a full anonymity so I hope that my experiences will help someone and spare them the shame I had to live through. First let me describe how it all started.


My embarassing story

It’s the first day of May, me and my friends have been planning a group trip together for a month now. We rented a cabin near Michigan Lake, I knew a girl we knew back in school that I always crushed on would be there too. Since I’m a pretty shy guy I’ve never dared to make that first move, even though I had a feeling she liked me too. So we got there, everything’s unpacked, barbeque, beer, you know these kinds of trips, we sit around, talk, everything’s going well. Finally I spoke to Abigail (that girl from school), we really hit it off, especially after each following beer 🙂 Finally came the night, we were getting ready for sleep, of course there wasn’t enough beds for all of us, and before I knew it I ended up in one bed with Abigail. We had had quite a lot of drinks by then so it quickly turned into some petting and touching, I was in heaven until we moved a step further…

It all would have been great if it wasn’t for the fact that I always had a problem of having a small penis… I tried not to end up in a situation where I’d have to take off my boxers, but I wasn’t able to resist this wonderful and beautiful girl for too long. And that’s when the worst happened… The girl I always desired saw my 11 centimeter long penis, and I could see a growing surprise and aversion towards me on her face… It was horrible… And even though she tried to cheer me up by saying that it wasn’t that small, it was still a huge embarassment to me… Might I add that Abigail was the first girl I ever got so far with. I couldn’t imagine something like that happening again, so I decided to look for a solution to my problem.


Looking for a solution

In this era when the Internet is everywhere and you don’t have to visit a doctor over every little stupid thing, that’s exactly where I started looking for a solution. I think I searched about a million websites and message boards where I found all the different suggestions. The ideas some people have on how to deal with the problem of a small penis are really interesting. From home remedies to penis pumps to creams and supplements. It’s the last group that interested me the most here. I started looking more in this area and I found a product called Titan Gel that had great reviews from people who had used it. I decided to give it a try, I had nothing to lose after all, with a member like mine I’d have to live constantly avoiding intimacy with women.

Order and delivery

In search of a place I could buy the product from at the most suitable price I learned some valuable information that could be useful to someone interested in a purchase:
• The product isn’t available at pharmacies – the manufacturer would have to sell it at a price that wouldn’t be good either for the customer or themselves,
• There are many different knock-offs of this gel available online that look identical or very similar, which is why we should check the source we order it from
• The most reliable source that is worth using is directly from the manufacturer’s website
I purchased it on the manufacturer’s website and paid instantly. Everything went without problems. The delivery arrived really fast, in a very inconspicuous package that says absolutely nothing about the content of it.

Use and results

Right after I received my delivery and read the paper included inside, I started using the gel. Just a moment after putting it on my privates I felt „something going on”. Although the effect had nothing to do with enlargement I felt a kind of tingling on the entire penis’ length. I knew it would be my road to happiness. Although I’m not a systematic type of guy, when it came to using Titan Gel I actually stuck to the manufacturer’s recommendations 100%. Every evening I applied a dose of the gel and carefully rubbed it in. The manufacturer also recommends using the gel while masturbating, which I have to admit becomes really pleasant after using the gel few times.

Overall a full treatment lasts 30 days, but personally I just couldn’t wait that long to see if my member got larger. I grabbed a ruler and started measuring. I was halfway through my treatment which means that after about 2 weeks of using the gel my penis had grown by 2 cm! For someone as insecure about it as me it’s a reason to jump in joy. Since there was still a gel left in the tube I decided to continue using it and see what kind fo results I would get using it for the entire month. Finally the last day of the treatment came, I hadn’t measured it for 2 weeks at that point to get an even bigger surprise at the end. And what did I find? I couldn’t believe my eyes! My penis grew from 11cm up to 16cm!!! Its circumference also visibly improved so now my penis really did look much better than before. I got more confident right away, after all I did stop lowering the European average.

Summary – The opinion

To sum it up I’ll just say that my psychological state has drastically changed, I became more open in interpersonal relations and more confident. It would seem that the problem was only in my sexuality, but when you have this kind of problem it impacts your entire life. As a conclusion I’ll just add that I managed to met Abigail again and I can see that she didn’t write me off so I hope that we’ll be able to somehow repeat our camping adventure, except now she’ll actually be surprised, but positively this time.



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